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Table of Contents

Children, Wicked

1. Know not God. 1Sa 2:12.

2. Are void of understanding. Pr 7:7.

3. Are proud. Isa 3:5.

4. With regard to parents

a. Hearken not to them. 1Sa 2:25.

b. Despise them. Pr 15:5,20; Eze 22:7.

c. Curse them. Pr 30:11.

d. Bring reproach on them. Pr 19:26.

e. Are a calamity to them. Pr 19:13.

f. Are a grief to them. Pr 17:25.

g. Despised their elders. Job 19:18.

5. Punishment of, for

a. Setting light by parents. De 27:16.

b. Disobeying parents. De 21:21.

c. Mocking parents. Pr 30:17.

d. Cursing parents. Ex 21:15; Mr 7:10.

e. Smiting parents. Ex 21:15.

f. Mocking of a prophet. 2Ki 2:23,24.

g. Gluttony and drunkenness. De 21:20,21.

6. Their guilt in robbing parents. Pr 28:24.

7. Exemplified

a. Esau. Ge 26:34,35.

b. Sons of Eli. 1Sa 2:,12,17.

c. Sons of Samuel. 1Sa 8:3.

d. Absalom. 2Sa 15:10.

e. Adonijah. 1Ki 1:5,6.

f. Children at Bethel. 2Ki 2:23.

g. Adrammelech and Sharezer. 2Ki 19:37.