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Table of Contents

Witness of the Holy Spirit

1. Is truth. 1Jo 5:6.

2. To be implicitly received. 1Jo 5:6,9.

3. Borne to Christ

a. As Messiah. Lu 3:22; Joh 1:32,33.

b. As coming to redeem and sanctify. 1Jo 5:6.

c. As exalted to be a Prince and Saviour to give repentance, &c. Ac 5:31,32.

d. As perfecting saints. Heb 10:14,15.

e. As foretold by himself. Joh 15:26.

f. In heaven. 1Jo 5:7,11.

g. On earth. 1Jo 5:8.

4. The first preaching of the gospel confirmed by. Ac 14:3; Heb 2:4.

5. The faithful preaching of the Apostles accompanied by. 1Co 2:4; 1Th 1:5.

6. Given to saints

a. On believing. Ac 15:8; 1Jo 5:10.

b. To testify to them of Christ. Joh 15:26.

c. As an evidence of adoption. Ro 8:16.

d. As an evidence of Christ in them. 1Jo 3:24.

e. As an evidence of God in them. 1Jo 4:13.

7. Borne against all unbelievers. Ne 9:30; Ac 28:25-27.