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1. Solemn promises made to God. Ps 76:11.

2. Were made in reference to

a. Devoting the person to God. Nu 6:2.

b. Dedicating children to God. 1Sa 1:11.

c. Devoting property to God. Ge 28:22.

d. Offering sacrifices. Le 7:16; 22:18:22; Nu 15:3.

e. Afflicting the soul. Nu 30:13.

3. To be voluntary. De 23:21,22.

4. To be performed faithfully. Nu 30:2.

5. To be performed without delay. De 23:21,23.

6. Danger of inconsiderately making. Pr 20:25.

7. Of children void without the consent of parents. Nu 30:3-5.

8. Of married women void without consent of husbands. Nu 30:6-8,10-13.

9. Of widows and women divorced from their husbands binding. Nu 30:9.

10. Of wives, could only be objected to at the time of making. Nu 30:14,15.

11. Might be redeemed by paying a suitable compensation. Le 27:1-8,11-23.

12. Clean beasts the subjects of, not to be redeemed. Le 27:9,10.

13. Recorded in scripture

a. Of Jacob. Ge 28:20-22; 31:13.

b. Of Israelites. Nu 21:2.

c. Of Jephthah. Jdj 11:30,31.

d. Of Hannah. 1Sa 1:1.

e. Of Elkanah. 1Sa 1:24.

f. Of David. Ps 132:2-5.

g. Of mariners who cast out Jonah. Jon 1:16.

h. Of Jonah. Jon 2:9.

i. Of Lemuel’s mother. Pr 31:1,2.

j. Of Paul. Ac 18:18.

k. Of certain Jews with Paul. Ac 21:23,24,26.

14. All things dedicated by, to be brought to the tabernacle. De 12:6,11,17,18,26.

15. Of things corrupt or blemished an insult to God. Le 22:23; Mal 1:14.

16. The hire of a prostitute or price of a dog could not be the subject of. De 23:18.