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Table of Contents


1. God is perfect in. Isa 26:7.

2. God has pleasure in. 1Ch 29:17.

3. God created man in. Ec 7:29.

4. Man has deviated from. Ec 7:29.

5. Should be in

a. Heart. 2Ch 29:34; Ps 125:4.

b. Speech. Isa 33:15.

c. Walk. Pr 14:2.

d. Judging. Ps 58:1; 75:2.

e. Ruling. Ps 78:72.

6. The being kept from presumptuous sins is necessary to. Ps 19:13.

7. With poverty, is better than sin with riches. Pr 28:6.

8. With poverty, is better than folly. Pr 19:1.

9. They who walk in

a. Fear God. Pr 14:2.

b. Love Christ. Song 1:4.

c. Countenanced by God. Ps 11:7.

d. Delighted in by God. Pr 11:20.

e. Their prayer delighted in by God. Pr 15:8.

f. Prospered by God. Job 8:6; Pr 14:11.

g. Defended by God. Pr 2:7.

h. Upheld in it by God. Ps 41:12.

i. Recompensed by God. Ps 18:23,24.

j. Find strengths in God’s way. Pr 10:29.

k. Obtain good from God’s work. Mic 2:7.

l. Obtain light in darkness. Ps 112:4.

m. Guided by integrity. Pr 11:3.

n. Walk surely. Pr 10:9.

o. Direct their way. Pr 21:29.

p. Kept by righteousness. Pr 13:6.

q. Scorned by the wicked. Job 12:4.

r. Hated by the wicked. Pr 29:10; Am 5:10.

s. Abominated by the wicked. Pr 29:21.

t. Persecuted by the wicked. Ps 37:14.

u. Praise is comely for. Ps 33:1.

v. A blessing to others. Pr 11:11.

10. The truly wise walk in. Pr 15:21.

11. The way of, is to depart from evil. Pr 16:17.

12. They who walk in, shall

a. Possess good things. Pr 28:10.

b. Have nothing good withheld. Ps 84:11.

c. Dwell in the land. Pr 2:21.

d. Dwell on high and be provided for. Isa 33:16.

e. Dwell with God. Ps 15:2; 140:13.

f. Be blessed. Ps 112:2.

g. Be delivered by righteousness. Pr 11:6.

h. Be delivered by their wisdom. Pr 12:6.

i. Be saved. Pr 28:18.

j. Enter into peace. Ps 37:37; Isa 57:2.

k. Have dominion over the wicked. Ps 49:14.

l. Have inheritance for ever. Ps 37:18.

13. A characteristic of saints. Ps 111:1; Isa 26:7.

14. Saints should resolve to walk in. Ps 26:11.

15. The wicked

a. Have not, in heart. Hab 2:4.

b. Leave not the path of. Pr 2:13.

c. Do not act with. Mic 7:2,4.

16. Pray for those who walk in. Ps 125:4.

17. Reprove those who deviate from. Ga 2:14.