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1. Generally had a single horn. Ps 92:10.

2. Sometimes found with two horns. De 33:17.

3. Described as

a. Intractable in disposition. Job 39:9,10,12.

b. Of vast strength. Job 39:11.

4. The young of, remarkable for agility. Ps 29:6.

5. Illustrative

a. Of God as the strength of Israel. Nu 23:22; 24:8.

b. Of the wicked. Isa 34:7.

c. (Horns of,) of the strength of the descendants of Joseph. De 33:17.

d. (Horns of,) of the strength of powerful enemies. Ps 22:21.

e. (The position of its horns,) of the exaltation of saints. Ps 92:10.