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1. Is sin. Joh 16:9.

2. Defilement inseparable from. Tit 1:15.

3. All, by nature, concluded in. Ro 11:32.

4. Proceeds from

a. An evil heart. Heb 3:12.

b. Slowness of heart. Lu 24:25.

c. Hardness of heart. Mr 16:14; Ac 19:9.

d. Disinclination to the truth. Joh 8:45,46.

e. Judicial blindness. Joh 12:39,40.

f. Not being Christ’s sheep. Joh 10:26.

g. The devil blinding the mind. 2Co 4:4.

h. The devil taking away the word out of the heart. Lu 8:12.

i. Seeking honour from men. Joh 5:44.

5. Impugns the veracity of God. 1Jo 5:10.

6. Exhibited in

a. Rejecting Christ. Joh 16:9.

b. Rejecting the word of God. Ps 106:24.

c. Rejecting the gospel. Isa 53:1; Joh 12:38.

d. Rejecting evidence of miracles. Joh 12:37.

e. Departing from God. Heb 3:12.

f. Questioning the power of God. 2Ki 7:2; Ps 78:19,20.

g. Not believing the works of God. Ps 78:32.

h. Staggering at the promise of God. Ro 4:20.

7. Rebuked by Christ. Mt 17:17; Joh 20:27.

8. Was an impediment to the performance of miracles. Mt 17:20; Mr 6:5.

9. Miracles designed to convince those in. Joh 10:37,38; 1Co 14:22.

10. The Jews rejected for. Ro 11:20.

11. Believers should hold no communion with those in. 2Co 6:14.

12. They who are guilty of

a. Have not the word of God in them. Joh 5:38.

b. Cannot please God. Heb 11:6.

c. Malign the gospel. Ac 19:9.

d. Persecute the ministers of God. Ro 15:31.

e. Excite others against saints. Ac 14:2.

f. Persevere in it. Joh 12:37.

g. Harden their necks. 2Ki 17:14.

h. Are condemned already. Joh 3:18.

i. Have the wrath of God abiding upon. Joh 3:36.

j. Shall not be established. Isa 7:9.

k. Shall die in their sins. Joh 8:24.

l. Shall not enter rest. Heb 3:19; 4:11.

m. Shall be condemned. Mr 16:16; 2Th 2:12.

n. Shall be destroyed. Jude 1:5.

o. Shall be cast into the lake of five. Re 21:8.

13. Warnings against. Heb 3:12; 4:11.

14. Pray for help against. Mr 9:24.

15. The portion of, awarded to all unfaithful servants. Lu 12:46.

16. Exemplified

a. Eve. Ge 3:4-6.

b. Moses and Aaron. Nu 20:12.

c. Israelites. De 9:23.

d. Naaman. 2Ki 5:12.

e. Samaritan Lord. 2Ki 7:2.

f. Disciples. Mt 17:17; Lu 24:11,25.

g. Zacharias. Lu 1:20.

h. Chief Priests. Lu 22:67.

i. The Jews. Joh 5:38.

j. Brethren of Christ. Joh 7:5.

k. Thomas. Joh 20:25.

l. Jews of Iconium. Ac 14:2.

m. Thessalonian Jews. Ac 17:5.

n. Ephesians. Ac 19:9.

o. Saul. 1Ti 1:13.

p. People of Jericho. Heb 11:31.