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1. Antiquity of. Isa 23:7; Jos 19:29.

2. Called

a. The daughter of Zidon. Isa 23:12.

b. The daughter of Tarshish. Isa 23:10.

c. The joyous city. Isa 23:7.

d. The crowning city. Isa 23:8.

e. The renowned city. Eze 26:17.

3. Insular position of. Eze 26:17; 27:4,25.

4. Strongly fortified. Jos 19:29; 2Sa 24:7; Eze 26:17; Zec 9:3.

5. Governed by kings. 1Ki 5:1; Jer 25:22.

6. Celebrated for

a. Its beauty. Eze 27:3,4.

b. Its commerce. Isa 23:2,3; Eze 27:3,12-25.

c. Its wealth. Eze 27:33; 28:4,5; Zec 9:3.

d. Strength and beauty of its ships. Eze 27:5-7.

7. Soldiers of, supplied by Persia, &c. Eze 27:10,11.

8. Inhabitants of

a. Sea-faring men. Eze 26:17.

b. Mercantile men. Isa 23:8.

c. Proud and haughty. Isa 23:9; Eze 28:2,17.

d. Self-conceited. Eze 28:3-5.

e. Superstitious. Jer 27:2,3,9.

f. Wicked. Eze 28:18.

9. Often confederated against the Jews and rejoiced in their calamities. Ps 83:7; Eze 26:2; Am 1:9.

10. David and Solomon formed alliances with. 1Ki 5:1; 2Ch 2:3.

11. Supplied

a. Seamen for Solomon’s navy. 1Ki 9:27; 2Ch 8:18.

b. A master-builder for the temple. 2Ch 2:7,13.

c. Stones and timber for building the temple. 1Ki 5:6,9; 2Ch 2:8,9,16.

d. Timber for rebuilding the temple and city. Ezr 3:7.

12. The Jews condemned for purchasing from the people of, on the Sabbath. Ne 13:16.

13. Christ

a. Alluded to the depravity of. Mt 11:21,22.

b. Visited the coasts of. Mt 15:21; Mr 7:24.

c. Was followed by many from. Mr 3:8; Lu 6:17.

d. Paul found disciples at. Ac 21:3,4.

e. Depended for provision upon Galilee. Ac 12:20.

14. Propitiated the favour of Herod. Ac 12:20.

15. Prophecies respecting

a. Envy against the Jews a cause of its destruction. Eze 26:2.

b. Pride a cause of its destruction. Eze 28:2-6.

c. To be destroyed by the king of Babylon. Isa 23:13,14; Jer 27:3,6; Eze 26:7-13.

d. Inhabitants of, to emigrated to other countries. Isa 23:6,12.

e. To be scraped as the top of a rock, and to be a place for the spreading nets. Eze 26:3-5,14.

f. The king of Babylon to be rewarded with the spoil of Egypt for his service against. Eze 29:18-20.

g. To lie waste and be forgotten for seventy years. Isa 23:15.

h. Its restoration to commercial greatness after seventy years. Isa 23:16,17.

i. Its second destruction by the Macedonians. Eze 27:32; 28:7,8,18; Zec 9:2-4.

j. The ruins of the first city to be employed in making a causeway to effect the destruction of insular Tyre. Eze 26:12.

k. Never to recover its greatness. Eze 26:21.

l. Its inhabitants to be sold as slaves, as a recompence for their selling the Jews. Joe 3:4-8.

m. All nations to be terrified at its destruction. Eze 26:15-18; 27:29-36; Zec 9:5.

n. To participated in the blessings of the gospel. Ps 45:12; Isa 23:18.