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1. The tenth of anything. 1Sa 8:15,17.

2. Antiquity of the custom of giving to God’s ministers. Ge 14:20; Heb 7:6.

3. Considered a just return to God for his blessings. Ge 28:22.

4. Under the law belonged to God. Le 27:30.

5. Consisted of a tenth

a. Of all the produce of the land. Le 27:30.

b. Of all cattle. Le 27:32.

c. Of holy things dedicated. 2Ch 31:6.

6. Given by God to the Levites for their services. Nu 18:21,24; Ne 10:37.

7. The tenth of, offered by the Levites as an heave offering to God. Nu 18:26,27.

8. The tenth of, given by the Levites to the priests as their portion. Nu 18:26,28; Ne 10:38.

9. Reasonableness of appointing, for the Levites. Nu 18:20,23,24; Jos 13:33.

10. When redeemed to a fifth part of the value added. Le 27:31.

11. Punishment for changing. Le 27:33.

12. The Jews slow in giving. Ne 13:10.

13. The Jews reproved for withholding. Mal 3:8.

14. The pious governors of Israel caused the payment of. 2Ch 31:5; Ne 13:11,12.

15. Rulers appointed over, for distributing. 2Ch 31:12; Ne 13:13.

16. The Pharisees scrupulous in paying. Lu 11:42; 18:12.

17. A second

a. Or its value yearly brought to the tabernacle and eaten before the Lord. De 12:6,7,17-19; 14:22-27.

b. To be consumed at home every third year to promote hospitality and charity. De 14:28,29; 26:12-15.