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Temple, the Second

1. Built on the site of the first temple. Ezr 6:2-12.

2. Cyrus

a. His decree for building, predicted. Isa 44:28.

b. Gave a decree for building, in the first year of his reign. Ezr 1:1,2; 6:3.

c. Gave permission to the Jews to go to Jerusalem to build. Ezr 1:3.

d. Furnished means for building. Ezr 6:4.

e. Ordered those who remained in Babylon to contribute to the building of. Ezr 1:4.

f. Gave the vessels of the first temple for. Ezr 1:7-11; 6:5.

3. Divine worship commenced before the foundation was laid. Ezr 3:1-6.

4. Materials for building procured from Tyre and Sidon. Ezr 3:7.

5. Foundation of, laid the second month of second year after the captivity. Ezr 3:8.

6. Solemnities connected with laying the foundation of. Ezr 3:9-11.

7. Its dimensions. Ezr 6:3,4.

8. Grief of those who had seen the first temple. Ezr 3:12; Hag 2:3.

9. Joy of those who had not seen the first temple. Ezr 3:13.

10. The Samaritans

a. Proposed to assist in building. Ezr 4:1,2.

b. Their help refused by the Jews. Ezr 4:3.

c. Weakened the hands of the Jews in building. Ezr 4:4,5.

d. Wrote to Artaxerxes Smerdis to interrupt the building. Ezr 4:6-16.

e. Procured its interruption for fifteen years. Ezr 4:24.

11. The Jews reproved for not building. Hag 1:1-5.

12. The Jews punished for not persevering in building. Hag 1:6,9-11; 2:15,17; Zec 8:10.

13. The Jews encouraged to proceed in building. Hag 1:8; 2:19; Zec 8:9.

14. Resumed by Zerubbabel and Jeshua. Ezr 5:2.

15. Its completion by Zerubbabel foretold, to encourage the Jews. Zec 4:4-10.

16. Future glory of, predicted. Hag 2:7-9.

17. Tatnai the governor wrote to Darius to know if the building had his sanction. Ezr 5:3-17.

18. The decree of Cyrus found and confirmed by Darius. Ezr 6:1,2,6-12.

19. Finished the third of the twelfth month in the sixth year of Darius. Ezr 6:15.

20. Dedication of, celebrated with joy and thankfulness. Ezr 6:16-18.

21. Repaired and beautified by Herod, which occupied forty-six years. Joh 2:20.

22. The magnificence of its building and ornaments. Joh 2:20; Mr 13:1; Lu 21:5.

23. Beautiful gate of, mentioned. Ac 3:2.

24. Solomon’s porch connected with. Joh 10:23; Ac 3:11.

25. Christ

a. To appear in. Hag 2:7; Mal 3:1.

b. Presented in. Lu 2:22,27.

c. Miraculously transported to a pinnacle of. Mt 4:5; Lu 4:9.

d. Frequently taught in. Mr 14:49.

e. Purified, and the commencement of his ministry. Joh 2:15-17.

f. Purified, at the close of his ministry. Mt 21:12,13.

g. Predicted its destruction. Mt 24:2; Mr 13:2; Lu 21:6.

h. The vail of, rent at our Lord’s death. Mt 27:51.

26. Separation between the outer or Gentile court and that of the Jews alluded to. Eph 2:13,14.

27. No Gentile allowed to enter the inner courts of. Ac 21:27-30.

28. The Jews

a. Prayed without, while the priest offered incense within. Lu 1:10; 18:10.

b. Considered it blasphemy to speak against. Mt 26:61; Ac 6:13; 21:28.

c. Desecrated by selling oxen, &c in. Joh 2:14.

29. Desecration of, foretold. Da 9:27; 11:31.

30. Cleansed and rededicated by Judas Maccabaeus after its desecration by Antiochus Epiphanes. Joh 10:22.

31. Desecrated by the Romans. Da 9:27; Mt 24:15.