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Temple, the First

1. Built on Mount Moriah on the threshing-floor of Ornan or Araunah. 1Ch 21:28-30; 22:2; 2Ch 3:1.

2. David

a. Anxious to build. 2Sa 7:2; 1Ch 22:7; 29:3; Ps 132:2-5.

b. Being a man of war not permitted to build. 2Sa 7:5-9; 1Ki 5:3; 1Ch 22:8.

c. Told by the prophet that Solomon should build. 2Sa 7:12,13; 1Ch 17:12.

d. Made preparations for building. 1Ch 22:2-5,14-16; 29:2-5.

e. Charged Solomon to build. 1Ch 22:6,7,11.

f. Prayed that Solomon might have wisdom to build. 1Ch 29:19.

g. Charged his princes to assist in building. 1Ch 22:17-19.

h. Free will offering of the people for the building. 1Ch 29:6-9.

3. Solomon

a. Determined to build. 2Ch 2:1.

b. Specially instructed for. 2Ch 3:3.

c. Employed all the strangers in preparing for. 2Ch 2:2,17,18; 1Ki 5:15.

d. Applied to Hiram for a skilful workman to superintend, &c the building of. 2Ch 2:7,13,14.

e. Employed thirty thousand Israelites in the work. 1Ki 5:13,14.

f. Contracted with Hiram for wood, stone, and labour. 1Ki 5:6-12; 2Ch 2:8-10.

g. Commenced second day of second month of fourth year of Solomon. 1Ki 6:1,37; 2Ch 3:2.

h. Built without the noise of hammers, axe, or any tool. 1Ki 6:7.

4. Divided into

a. The sanctuary or greater house. 2Ch 3:5.

b. The oracle or most holy place. 1Ki 6:19.

c. The porch. 2Ch 3:4.

5. Surrounded with three stories of chambers communicating with the interior on the right side. 1Ki 6:5,6,8,10.

6. Surrounded with spacious courts. 1Ki 6:36; 2Ch 4:9.

7. Was three score cubits longs, twenty broad, and thirty high. 1Ki 6:2; 2Ch 3:3.

8. Was lighted by narrow windows. 1Ki 6:4.

9. Was roofed with cedar. 1Ki 6:9.

10. The greater or outer house

a. Was forty cubits long. 2Ki 6:17.

b. Had folding doors of fir wood carved and golden. 1Ki 6:34,35.

c. Had door posts of olive wood carved and gilded. 1Ki 6:33; 2Ch 3:7.

11. The oracle or most holy place

a. Was twenty cubits every way. 1Ki 6:16,20.

b. Two cherubims of gilded olive wood made within. 1Ki 6:23-28; 2Ch 3:11-13.

c. A partition of chains of gold between it and outer house. 1Ki 6:21.

d. The doors and the posts of, of olive wood carved and gilded. 1Ki 6:31,32.

e. Separated from the outer house by a vail. 2Ch 3:14.

12. The floor and walls of, covered with cedar and fir wood. 1Ki 6:15.

13. Cedar of, carved with flowers, &c. 1Ki 6:18.

14. Ceiled with fir wood and gilt. 2Ch 3:5.

15. The whole inside and outside covered with gold. 1Ki 6:21,22; 2Ch 3:7.

16. Garnished with precious stones. 2Ch 3:6.

17. The porch of

a. Twenty cubits long and ten broad. 1Ki 6:3.

b. One hundred and twenty cubits high. 2Ch 3:4.

c. Pillars of, with their chapiters described. 1Ki 7:15-22; 2Ch 3:15-17.

18. Its magnificence. 2Ch 2:5,9.

19. Was seven years in building. 1Ki 6:38.

20. Was finished in the eighth month of the eleventh year of Solomon. 1Ki 6:38.

21. Was called

a. The house of the Lord. 2Ch 23:5,12.

b. The mountain of the Lord’s house. Isa 2:2.

c. House of the God of Jacob. Isa 2:3.

d. Zion. Ps 84:1-7.

e. Mount Zion. Ps 74:2.

22. Appointed as a house of sacrifice. 2Ch 7:12.

23. Appointed as a house of prayer. Isa 56:7; Mt 21:13.

24. God promised to dwell in. 1Ki 6:12,13.

25. All dedicated things placed in. 2Ch 5:1.

26. The ark of God brought into with great solemnity. 1Ki 8:1-9; 2Ch 5:2-10.

27. Filled with the cloud of glory. 1Ki 8:10,11; 2Ch 5:13; 7:2.

28. Solemnly dedicated to God by Solomon. 1Ki 8:12-66; 2Ch 6:1-42.

29. Sacred fire sent down from heaven at its dedication. 2Ch 7:3.

30. Was but a temple built with hands. Ac 7:47,48.

31. Complete destruction of, predicted. Jer 26:18; Mic 3:12.

32. Historical notices of

a. Pillaged by Shishak king of Egypt. 2Ki 21:4-7; 2Ch 33:4,5,7.

b. Repaired by Josiah in the 18th year of his reign. 1Ki 14:25,26; 2Ch 12:9.

c. Repaired by Jehoash at the institution of Jehoiada. 2Ki 12:4-14; 2Ch 24:4-13.

d. Treasures of given by Jehoash to propitiate the Syrians. 2Ki 12:17,18.

e. Defiled and its treasures given by Ahaz to the king of Assyria. 2Ki 16:14,18; 2Ch 28:20,21.

f. Purified and divine worship restored under Hezekiah. 2Ch 29:3-35.

g. Its treasures given by Hezekiah to the Assyrians to procure a treaty. 2Ki 18:13-16.

h. Polluted by the idolatrous worship of Manasseh. 2Ki 21:4-7; 2Ch 33:4,5,7.

i. Repaired by Josiah in the 18th year of his reign. 2Ki 22:3-7; 2Ch 34:8-13.

j. Purified by Josiah. 2Ki 23:4-7,11,12.

k. Pillaged and burned by the Babylonians. 2Ki 25:9,13-17; 2Ch 36:18,19.

33. Illustrative of

a. Christ. Joh 2:19,21.

b. The spiritual church. 1Co 3:16; 2Co 6:16; Eph 2:20-22.

c. The bodies of saints. 1Co 6:19.