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1. Originally included Mesopotamia. Ge 25:20; 28:5; De 26:5; Ac 7:2.

2. More properly the country around Damascus. 2Sa 8:6.

3. Damascus the capital of. Isa 7:8.

4. Abana and Pharpar rivers of. 2Ki 5:12.

5. Governed by kings. 1Ki 22:31; 2Ki 5:1.

6. Inhabitants of

a. Called Syrians. 2Sa 10:11; 2Ki 5:20.

b. Called Syrians of Damascus. 2Sa 8:5.

c. An idolatrous people. Jdj 10:6; 2Ki 5:18.

d. A warlike people. 1Ki 20:23,25.

e. A commercial people. Eze 27:18.

f. Spoke the Syriack language. 2Ki 18:26; Ezr 4:7; Da 2:4.

7. Israel followed the idolatry of. Jdj 10:6.

8. David

a. Destroyed the army of, which assisted Hadadezer. 2Sa 8:5.

b. Garrisoned and made tributary. 2Sa 8:6.

c. Dedicated the spoils of. 2Sa 8:11,12.

d. Obtained renown by his victory over. 2Sa 8:13.

e. Sent Joab against the armies of, hired by the Ammonites. 2Sa 10:6-14.

f. Destroyed a second army of. 2Sa 10:15-19.

9. Asa sought aid of, against Israel. 1Ki 15:18-20.

10. Elijah anointed Hazael king over, by divine direction. 1Ki 19:15.

11. Benhadad king of, besieged Samaria. 1Ki 20:1-12.

12. The Israelites

a. Under Ahab encouraged and assisted by God, overcame. 1Ki 20:13-20.

b. Forewarned of invasion by, at the return of the year. 1Ki 20:22-25.

c. Insignificant before. 1Ki 20:26,27.

d. Encouraged and assisted by God overcame a second time. 1Ki 20:28-30.

e. Craftily drawn into a league with. 1Ki 20:31-43.

f. At peace with, for three years. 1Ki 22:1.

g. Under Ahab sought to recover Ramoth-gilead from. 1Ki 22:3-29.

h. Defeated by, and Ahab slain. 1Ki 22:30-36.

i. Harassed by frequent incursions of. 2Ki 5:2; 6:23.

j. Heard the secrets of, from Elisha. 2Ki 6:8-12.

13. God smote with blindness those sent against Elisha by the king of. 2Ki 6:14,18-20.

14. Besieged Samaria again. 2Ki 6:24-29.

15. Army of, miraculously routed. 2Ki 7:5,6.

16. Death of the king of, and the cruelty of his successor foretold by Elisha. 2Ki 8:7,15.

17. Joram king of Israel in seeking to recover Ramothgilead from, severely wounded. 2Ki 8:28,29; 9:15.

18. Israel delivered into the hands of, for the sins of Jehoahaz. 2Ki 13:3,7,22.

19. A saviour raised up for Israel against. 2Ki 13:5,23-25.

20. Elisha predicted to Joash his three victories over. 2Ki 13:14-19.

21. Joined with Israel against Ahaz and besieged Jerusalem. 2Ki 16:5; Isa 7:12.

22. Retook Elath and drove out the Jews. 2Ki 16:6.

23. Subdued and its inhabitants taken captive by Assyria. 2Ki 16:9.

24. Prophecies respecting

a. Destruction of Rezin king of. Isa 7:8,16.

b. Ceasing to be a kingdom. Isa 17:1-3.

c. Terror and dismay in, occasioned by its invasion. Jer 49:23,24.

d. Destruction of its inhabitants. Jer 49:26.

e. Plundering of Damascus. Isa 8:4.

f. Burning of Damascus. Jer 49:27; Am 1:4.

g. Its calamities, the punishments of its sins. Am 1:3.

h. Its inhabitants to be captives. Am 1:3.

i. Its history in connection with the Macedonia empire. Da 11:6-45.

25. Subdued and governed by the Romans. Lu 2:2.

26. Gospel preached and many churches founded in. Ac 15:23,41.