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Simeon, the Tribe Of

1. Descended from Jacob’s second son by Leah. Ge 29:33.

2. Predictions respecting. Ge 49:5-7.

3. Persons selected from

a. To number the people. Nu 1:6.

b. To spy out the land. Nu 13:5.

c. To divide the land. Nu 34:20.

4. Formed part of the second division of Israel in their journeys. Nu 10:18,19.

5. Encamped under the standard of Reuben south of the tabernacle. Nu 2:12.

6. Strength of, on leaving Egypt. Nu 1:22,23; 2:13.

7. Offering of, at the dedication. Nu 7:36-41.

8. Families of. Nu 26:12-13.

9. Strength of, on entering Canaan. Nu 26:14.

10. Plagued for following the idolatry, of Midian, which accounts for their decrease. Nu 25:9,14; 26:14; 1:23.

11. On Mount Gerizim said amen to the blessings. De 27:12.

12. Inheritance of, within Judah. Jos 19:1-8.

13. Bounds of their inheritance with cities and villages. Jos 19:2-8; 1Ch 4:28-33.

14. United with Judah in expelling the Canaanites from their inheritance. Jdj 1:3,17.

15. Many of, at the coronation of David. 1Ch 12:25.

16. Officer appointed over, by David. 1Ch 27:16.

17. Part of, united with Judah under Asa. 2Ch 15:9.

18. Josiah purged their land of idols. 2Ch 34:6.

19. Part of, destroyed the remnant of the Amalekites, and dwelt in their land. 1Ch 4:39-43.