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1. Fenced cities invested by. 2Ki 18:13.

2. Threatened as a punishment. De 28:52.

3. Described as

a. Encamping against. 2Sa 12:28; 2Ch 32:1.

b. Pitching against. 2Ki 25:1.

c. Compassing about with armies. 2Ki 6:14; Lu 21:20.

d. Setting in array against. Jer 50:9.

e. Being against round about. Jer 51:2.

4. Often lasted for a long time. 2Ki 17:5.

5. Great noise and tumult of, alluded to. Joe 2:5.

6. Those engaged in

a. Built forts and mounts. Eze 4:2; 26:8.

b. Dug a trench round the city. Lu 19:43.

c. Invested the city on every side. Eze 23:24.

d. Cut off all supplies. 2Ki 19:24.

e. Frequently laid ambushes. Jdj 9:34.

f. Called upon the city to surrender. 1Ki 20:2,3; 2Ki 18:18,20.

g. Employed battering rams against the walls. Eze 4:2; 26:9.

h. Cast arrows and other missiles into the city. 2Ki 19:32.

i. Often suffered much during. Eze 29:18.

7. The Jews forbidden to cut down fruit trees for the purpose of. De 20:19,20.

8. Extreme difficulty of taking cities by, alluded to. Pr 18:19.

9. Cities invested by

a. Repaired and newly fortified beforehand. 2Ch 32:5; Isa 22:9,10; Na 3:14.

b. Supplied with water beforehand. Na 3:14.

c. The inhabitants of, cut off beforehand supplies of water outside, useful to besiegers. 2Ch 32:3,4.

d. Were strictly shut up. Jos 6:1.

e. Walls of, defended by the inhabitants. 2Sa 11:20,21; 2Ki 18:26; 2Ch 32:18.

f. Sometimes used ambushes or sorties. Jer 51:12.

g. Often suffered from famine. 2Ki 6:26-29; 25:3; Eze 6:12.

h. Often suffered from pestilence. Jer 21:6; 32:24.

i. Often demanded terms of peace. 1Sa 11:1-3.

j. Frequently taken by ambush. Jdj 9:43,44.

k. Frequently taken by assault. Jos 10:35; 2Sa 12:29.

l. Frequently helped by allies. 1Sa 11:11; 23:5.

m. Inhabitants of, exhorted to be courageous. 2Ch 32:6-8.

10. Cities taken by

a. Given up to pillage. Jer 50:26,27.

b. Inhabitants of, often put to the sword. Jos 10:28,30,32,35; Jer 50:30.

c. Frequently broken down. Jdj 9:45.

d. Frequently destroyed by fire. Jos 8:19.

e. Sometimes sown with salt. Jdj 9:45.

f. Sometimes called after the name of the captor. 2Sa 12:28.

11. Mentioned in scripture

a. Jericho. Jos 6:2-20.

b. Ai. Jos 7:2-4; 8:1-19.

c. Makkedah. Jos 10:28.

d. Libnah. Jos 10:29,30.

e. Lachish. Jos 10:31,32.

f. Eglon. Jos 10:34,35.

g. Hebron. Jos 10:36,37.

h. Debir. Jos 10:38,39.

i. Shechem. Jdj 9:34,45.

j. Thebez. Jdj 9:50.

k. Jabesh-gilead. 1Sa 11:1.

l. Keilah. 1Sa 23:1.

m. Ziklag. 1Sa 30:1,2.

n. Rabbah. 2Sa 11:1; 12:26-29.

o. Gibbethon. 1Ki 16:15.

p. Tirzah. 1Ki 16:17.

q. Samaria. 1Ki 20:1; 2Ki 6:24; 17:5.

r. Ramoth-gilead. 1Ki 22:4,29.

s. Cities of Israel in Galilee. 2Ki 15:29.

t. Cities of Judah. 2Ki 18:13.

u. Jerusalem. 2Ki 24:10,11; 25:1,2.

12. Illustrative Of

a. The omnipresence of God. Ps 139:5.

b. The judgments of God. Mic 5:1.

c. Zion in her affliction. Isa 1:8.