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1. Early use of. Ge 14:23.

2. Called sandals. Mr 6:9; Ac 12:8.

3. Soles of, sometimes plated with brass or iron. De 33:25.

4. Bound round the feet with latchets or strings. Joh 1:27; Ac 12:8.

5. Of ladies of distinction

a. Often made of badgers’ skins. Eze 16:10.

b. Often highly ornamental. Song 7:1.

c. Probably often adorned with tinkling ornaments. Isa 3:18.

6. Loosing of, for another a degrading office. Mr 1:17; Joh 1:27.

7. Bearing, for another a degrading office, only performed by slaves. Mt 3:11.

8. The Jews

a. Put on, before beginning a journey. Ex 12:11.

b. Never wore, in mourning. 2Sa 15:30; Isa 20:2,3; Eze 24:17,23.

c. Put off, when they entered sacred places. Ex 3:5; Jos 5:15.

9. Worn out by a long journey. Jos 9:5,13.

10. Of Israel preserved for forty years, while journeying in the wilderness. De 29:5.

11. Often given as bribes. Am 2:6; 8:6.

12. Customs connected with

a. A man who refused to marry a deceased brother’s wife disgraced by pulling off his shoes. De 25:9,10.

b. The right of redemption resigned by a man’s giving one of his shoes to the next of kin. Ru 4:7,8.

13. The Apostles prohibited from taking for their journey more, than the pair they had on. Mt 10:10; Mr 6:9; Lu 10:4.

14. Illustrative

a. Of the preparation of the gospel. Eph 6:15.

b. Of the beauty conferred on saints. Song 7:1; Lu 15:22.

c. (Having blood on,) of being engaged in war and slaughter. 1Ki 2:5.

d. (Taken off,) of an ignominious and servile condition. Isa 47:2; Jer 2:25.

e. (Thrown over a place,) of subjection. Ps 60:8; 108:9.