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1. Twelve cakes of fine flour. Le 24:5.

2. Called hallowed bread. 1Sa 21:4.

3. Materials for, provided by the people. Le 24:8; Ne 10:32,33.

4. Prepared by Levites. 1Ch 9:32; 23:29.

5. Placed in two rows on the table by the priests. Ex 25:30; 40:23; Le 24:6.

6. Table of

a. Dimensions of. Ex 25:23.

b. Covered with gold. Ex 25:24.

c. Had an ornamental border. Ex 25:25.

d. Had staves of shittim wood covered with gold. Ex 25:28.

e. Had rings of gold in the corners for the staves. Ex 25:26,27.

f. Had dishes, spoons, covers, and bowls of gold. Ex 25:29.

g. Placed in the north side of the tabernacle. Ex 40:22; Heb 9:2.

h. Directions for removing. Nu 4:7.

7. Pure frankincense placed on. Le 24:7.

8. Was changed every Sabbath day. Le 24:8.

9. After removal from the table given to the priests. Le 24:9.

10. Not lawful for any but the priests to eat, except in extreme cases. 1Sa 21:4-6; Mt 12:4.

11. Illustrative of

a. Christ as the bread of life. Joh 6:48.

b. The Church. 1Co 5:7; 10:17.