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1. Every herb, tree and grass yields its own. Ge 1:11,12,29.

2. Each kind of, has its own body. 1Co 15:38.

3. Sowing of

a. Time for, called seed time. Ge 8:22.

b. Necessary to its productiveness. Joh 12:24; 1Co 15:36.

c. Required constant diligence. Ec 11:4,6.

d. Often attended with great waste. Mt 13:4,5,7.

e. Often attended with danger. Ps 126:5,6.

4. Yearly return of time of sowing, secured by covenant. Ge 8:21,22.

5. The ground carefully ploughed, and prepared for. Isa 28:24,25.

6. Often sown beside rivers. Ec 11:1; Isa 32:20.

7. Often trodden into the ground, by the feet of oxen. Isa 32:20.

8. Required to be watered by the rain. Isa 55:10.

9. In Egypt required to be artificially watered. De 11:10.

10. Yielded an abundant increase in Canaan. Ge 26:12; Mt 13:23.

11. Mosaic laws respecting

a. Different kinds of, not to be sown in the same field. Le 19:19; De 22:9.

b. If dry, exempted from uncleanness though touched by an unclean thing. Le 11:37.

c. If wet, rendered unclean by contact with an unclean thing. Le 11:38.

d. The tithe of, to be given to God. Le 27:30.

e. Not to be sown during the sabbatical year. Le 25:4,20.

f. Not to be sown in year of jubilee. Le 25:11.

12. Difference between, and the plant which grows from it, noticed. 1Co 15:37,38.

13. The Jews punished by

a. Its rotting in the ground. Joe 1:17; Mal 2:3.

b. Its yielding but little increase. Isa 5:10; Hag 1:6.

c. Its increase being consumed by locusts. De 28:38; Joe 1:4.

d. Its increase being consume by enemies. Le 26:16; De 28:33,51.

e. Its being choked by thorns. Jer 12:13; Mt 13:7.

14. Illustrative of

a. The word of God. Lu 8:11; 1Pe 1:23.

b. Spiritual life. 1Jo 3:9.

15. Sowing, illustrative of

a. Preaching the gospel. Mt 13:3,32; 1Co 9:11.

b. Scattering or dispersing a people. Zec 10:9.

c. Christian liberality. Ec 11:6; 2Co 9:6.

d. Men’s works producing a corresponding recompence. Job 4:8; Ho 10:12; Ga 6:7,8.

e. The death of Christ and its effects. Joh 12:24.

f. The burial of the body. 1Co 15:36-38.