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Roman Empire, The

1. Called the world from its extent. Lu 2:1.

2. Represented by the

a. Legs of iron in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision. Da 2:33,40.

b. Terrible beast in Daniel’s vision. Da 7:7,19.

3. Rome the capitol of. Ac 18:2; 19:21.

4. Judea a province of, under a procurator or a governor. Lu 3:2; Ac 23:34,26; 25:1.

5. Allusions to military affairs of

a. Strict obedience to superiors. Mt 8:8,9.

b. Use of the panoply or defensive armour. Ro 13:12; 2Co 6:7; Eph 6:11-17.

c. Soldiers not allowed to entangle themselves with earthly cares. 2Ti 2:4.

d. Hardship endured by soldiers. 2Ti 2:3.

e. The soldier’s special comrade who shared his toils and dangers. Php 2:25.

f. Danger of sentinels’ sleeping. Mt 28:13,14.

g. Expunging from the muster roll name of soldiers guilty of crimes. Re 3:5.

h. Crowning of soldiers who distinguished themselves. 2Ti 4:7,8.

i. Triumphs of victorious generals. 2Co 2:14-16; Col 2:15.

j. Different military officers. Ac 21:31; 23:23,24.

k. Italian and Augustus’ band. Ac 10:1; 27:1.

6. Allusions to judicial affairs of

a. Person accused, examined by scourging. Ac 22:24,29.

b. Criminals delivered over to the soldiers for execution. Mt 27:26,27.

c. Accusation in writing placed over the head of those executed. Joh 19:19.

d. Garments of those executed given to the soldiers. Mt 27:35; Joh 19:23.

e. Prisoners chained to soldiers for safety. Ac 21:33; 12:6; 2Ti 1:16; Ac 28:16.

f. Accusers and accused confronted together. Ac 23:35; 25:16-19.

g. Accused person protected from popular violence. Ac 23:20,24-27.

h. Power of life and death vested in its authorities. Joh 18:31,39,40; 19:10.

i. All appeals made to the emperor. Ac 25:11,12.

j. Those who appealed to Caesar, to be brought before him. Ac 26:32.

7. Allusions to citizenship of

a. Obtained by purchase. Ac 22:28.

b. Obtained by birth. Ac 22:28.

c. Exempted from the degradation scourging. Ac 16:37,38; 22:25.

8. Allusions to grecian game adapted by

a. Gladiatorial fights. 1Co 4:9; 15:32.

b. Foot races. 1Co 9:24; Php 2:16; 3:11-14; Heb 12:1,2.

c. Wrestling. Eph 6:12.

d. Training of combatants. 1Co 9:25,27.

e. Crowning of conquerors. 1Co 9:25; Php 3:14; 2Ti 4:8.

f. Rules observed in conducting. 2Ti 2:5.

9. Emperors of, mentioned

a. Tiberius. Lu 3:1.

b. Augustus. Lu 2:1.

c. Claudius. Ac 11:28.

d. Nero. Php 4:22; 2Ti 4:22.

10. Predictions respecting

a. Its universal dominion. Da 7:23.

b. Its division into ten parts. Da 2:41-43; 7:20,24.

c. Origin of papal power in. Da 7:8,20-25.