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Pomegranate Tree, The

1. Egypt abounded with. Nu 20:5.

2. Canaan abounded with. Nu 13:23; De 8:8.

3. The Jews

a. Cultivated, in orchards. Song 4:13.

b. Often dwelt under shade of. 1Sa 14:2.

c. Drank the juice of. Song 8:2.

4. The blasting of, a great calamity. Joe 1:12.

5. God’s favour exhibited, in making fruitful. Hag 2:19.

6. Representations of its fruit

a. On the high priest’s robe. Ex 39:24-26.

b. On the pillars of the temple. 1Ki 7:18.

7. Illustrative

a. Of saints. Song 6:11; 7:12.

b. (An orchard of,) of the church. Song 4:13.

c. (Fruit of,) of the graces of the church. Song 4:3; 6:7.