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1. The breaking up or tilling of the earth. Jer 4:3; Ho 10:12.

2. Noah the supposed inventor of. Ge 5:29.

3. Performed

a. By a plough. Lu 9:62.

b. With oxen. 1Sa 14:14; Job 1:14.

c. During the cold winter season. Pr 20:4.

d. In long and straight furrows. Ps 129:3.

e. Generally by servants. Isa 61:5; Lu 17:7.

f. Sometimes by the owner of the land himself. 1Ki 19:19.

4. With an ox and an ass yoked together forbidden to the Jews. De 22:10.

5. Difficulty of, on rocky ground. Am 6:12.

6. Followed by harrowing and sowing. Isa 28:24,25.

7. Illustrative

a. Of repentance and reformation. Jer 4:3.

b. Of peace and prosperity. Isa 2:4; Mic 4:3.

c. Of a severe course of affliction. Ho 10:11.

d. Of a course of sin. Job 4:8; Ho 10:13.

e. Of the labour ministers. 1Co 9:10.

f. (Attention and constancy required in,) of continued devotedness. Lu 9:62.