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Peace Offerings

1. A male or female of herd or flock. Le 3:1,6,12.

2. The offerer required

a. To give it freely. Le 19:5.

b. To bring it himself. Le 7:29,30.

c. To lay his hand upon its head. Le 3:2,8,13.

d. To kill it at tabernacle door. Le 3:2; 8:13.

3. Required to be perfect and free from blemish. Le 3:1,6; 22:21.

4. The priest

a. Prepared. Eze 46:2.

b. Sprinkled the blood on the altar. Le 3:2,8,13.

c. Offered the inside fat, &c by fire. Le 3:3,4,9,10.

d. Laid it upon the daily burnt offering to be consumed with it. Le 3:5; 6:12,13.

e. Waved the breast as a wave-offering. Ex 29:26,28; Le 7:29,30.

f. Heaved the right shoulder as an heave-offering. Ex 29:22-27.

g. Had the shoulder and breast as his portion. Ex 29:28; Le 7:31-34.

h. An offering most acceptable. Le 3:5,16.

i. Generally accompanied by a burnt-offering. Jdj 21:4; 1Sa 10:8; 1Ki 3:15.

j. Often accompanied by a sin-offering. Le 23:19.

5. Was offered

a. As a thanksgiving-offering. Le 7:12,13.

b. As a votive offering. Le 7:16.

c. For reconciliation. Eze 45:15; Eph 2:13,14.

d. For confirming the legal covenant. Ex 24:5.

e. At consecration of priests. Ex 29:22,29.

f. For the people at large. Le 9:4.

g. At expiration of Nazarite’s vow. Nu 6:14.

h. At all the festivals. Nu 10:10.

i. At dedication of tabernacle. Nu 7:17,23.

j. At dedication of temple. 1Ki 8:62-64.

k. At coronation of kings. 1Sa 11:15.

l. By Joshua after his victories. Jos 8:31.

m. By Israel after their defeat. Jdj 20:26.

n. By David on bringing up the ark. 2Sa 6:17.

o. By David after the plague. 2Sa 24:25.

p. By Solomon three times a year. 1Ki 9:25.

q. By Manasseh on repairing and restoring the altar. 2Ch 33:15,16.

6. If a thanksgiving offering to be eaten the day offered. Le 7:15.

7. If a votive offering to be eaten the same day or the next. Le 7:16,17; 19:6-8.

8. To be eaten before the Lord. De 12:17,18.

9. No unclean person to eat of. Le 7:20,21.