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Palm Tree, The

1. First mention of, in Scripture. Ex 15:27.

2. Jericho celebrated for. De 34:3; Jdj 1:16.

3. Described as

a. Tall. Song 7:7.

b. Upright. Jer 10:5.

c. Flourishing. Ps 92:12.

d. Fruitful to a great age. Ps 92:14.

4. The fruit of, called dates. 2Ch 31:5.

5. Requires a moist and fertile soil. Ex 15:27.

6. Tents often pitched under the shade of. Jdj 4:5.

7. The branches of, were

a. The emblem of victory. Re 7:9.

b. Carried at feast of tabernacles. Le 23:40.

c. Used for constructing booths. Ne 8:15.

d. Spread before Christ. Joh 12:13.

8. Blasted as a punishment. Joe 1:12.

9. Represented in carved work on the walls and doors of the temple of Solomon. 1Ki 6:29,32,35; 2Ch 3:5.

10. Illustrative of

a. The church. Song 7:7,8.

b. The righteous. Ps 92:12.

c. The upright appearance of idols. Jer 10:5.