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1. Jerusalem celebrated for. Ps 48:3,13.

2. The term applied to

a. Residences of kings. Da 4:4; 6:18.

b. Houses of great men. Am 3:9; Mic 5:5.

c. The temple of God. 1Ch 29:1,19.

d. The house of the high priest. Mt 26:58.

3. Described as

a. High. Ps 78:69.

b. Polished. Ps 144:12.

c. Pleasant. Isa 13:22.

4. Of kings

a. Called the king’s house. 2Ki 25:9; 2Ch 7:11.

b. Called the house of the kingdom. 2Ch 2:1,12.

c. Called the king’s palace. Es 1:5.

d. Called the royal house. Es 1:9.

e. Splendidly furnished. Es 1:6.

f. Surrounded with gardens. Es 1:5.

g. Surrounded with terraces. 2Ch 9:11.

h. Under governors. 1Ki 4:6; Ne 7:2.

i. Often attended by eunuchs as servants. 2Ki 20:18; Da 1:3,4.

j. Were strictly guarded. 2Ki 11:5.

k. Afforded support to all the King’s retainers. Ezr 4:14; Da 1:5.

l. Royal decrees issued from. Es 3:15; 8:14.

m. Royal decrees laid up in. Ezr 6:2.

n. Contained treasures of the king. 1Ki 15:18; 2Ch 12:9; 25:24.

o. Gorgeous apparel suited to, alone. Lu 7:25.

5. Were entered by gates. Ne 2:8.

6. Often the storehouses of rapine. Am 3:10.

7. Often as punishment

a. Spoiled. Am 3:11.

b. Forsaken. Isa 32:14.

c. Desolate. Ps 69:25; Eze 19:7.

d. Scenes of bloodshed. Jer 9:21.

e. Burned with fire. 2Ch 36:19; Jer 17:27.

f. Overgrown with thorns, &c. Isa 34:13.

g. The habitation of dragons, &c. Isa 13:22.

8. The spider makes its way even into. Pr 30:28.

9. Illustrative of

a. The splendour of the church. Song 8:9.

b. The godly children of saints. Ps 144:12.

c. The place of Satan’s dominion. Lu 11:21.