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Ox, The

1. Often found wild. De 14:5.

2. Includes the

a. Bull. Ge 32:15; Job 21:10.

b. Bullock. Ps 50:9; Jer 46:21.

c. Cow. Nu 18:17; Job 21:10.

d. Heifer. Ge 15:9; Nu 19:2.

3. Was clean and fit for food. De 14:4.

4. Described as

a. Strong. Ps 144:14; Pr 14:4.

b. Beautiful. Jer 46:20; Ho 10:11.

c. Not without sagacity. Isa 1:3.

5. Horns and hoofs of, alluded to. Ps 69:31.

6. Lowing of, alluded to. 1Sa 15:14; Job 6:5.

7. Was fed

a. With grass. Job 40:15; Ps 106:20; Da 4:25.

b. With corn. Isa 30:24.

c. With straw. Isa 11:7.

d. On the hills. Isa 7:25.

e. In the valleys. 1Ch 27:29; Isa 65:10.

f. In stalls. Hab 3:17.

8. Rapid manner of collecting its food alluded to. Nu 22:4.

9. Formed a part of the patriarchal wealth. Ge 13:2,5; 26:14; Job 1:3.

10. Formed a part of the wealth of Israel in Egypt. Ge 50:8; Ex 10:9; 12:32.

11. Formed a part of the wealth of the Jews. Nu 32:4; Ps 144:14.

12. Required great care and attention. Pr 27:23.

13. Herdmen appointed over. Ge 13:7; 1Sa 21:7.

14. Urged on by the goad. Jdj 3:31.

15. Used for

a. Drawing wagons &c. Nu 7:3; 1Sa 6:7.

b. Carrying burdens. 1Ch 12:40.

c. Ploughing. 1Ki 19:19; Job 1:14; Am 6:12.

d. Earing the ground. Isa 30:24; 32:20.

e. Treading out the corn. Ho 10:11.

f. Sacrifice. Ex 20:24; 2Sa 24:22.

g. Food. 1Ki 1:9; 19:21; 2Ch 18:2.

16. Often stall-fed for slaughter. Pr 15:17.

17. Goes to the slaughter unconscious. Pr 7:22.

18. Young of, considered a great delicacy. Ge 18:7; Am 6:4.

19. Male firstlings of, belonged to God. Ex 34:19.

20. Tithe of, given to the priests. 2Ch 31:6.

21. Laws respecting

a. To rest on the Sabbath. Ex 23:12; De 5:14.

b. Not to be yoked with an ass in the same plough. De 22:10.

c. Not to be muzzled when treading out the corn. De 25:4; 1Co 9:9.

d. If stolen to be restored double. Ex 22:4.

e. Of others not to be coveted. Ex 20:17; De 5:21.

f. Of others if lost or hurt through neglect, to be made good. Ex 22:9-13.

g. Killing a man, to be stoned. Ex 21:28-32.

h. Mode of reparation for one, killing another. Ex 21:35,36.

i. Straying to be brought back to its owner. Ex 23:4; De 22:1,2.

j. Fallen under its burden to be raised up again. De 22:4.

k. Fat of, not to be eaten. Le 7:23.

22. Increase of, promised. De 7:13; 28:4.

23. Publicly sold. 2Sa 24:24; Lu 14:19.

24. Often given as a present. Ge 12:16; 20:14.

25. The wicked often took, in pledge from the poor. Job 24:3.

26. Custom of sending the pieces of, to collect the people to war. 1Sa 11:7.

27. Sea of brass rested on figures of. 1Ki 7:25.

28. Illustrative

a. (Engaged in husbandry,) of Ministers. Isa 30:24; 32:20.

b. (Not muzzled in treading corn,) of Minister’s right to support. 1Co 9:9,10.

c. (Prepared for a feast,) of the provision of the gospel. Pr 9:2; Mt 22:4.

d. (Led to slaughter,) of a rash youth. Pr 7:22.

e. (Led to slaughter,) of saints under persecution. Jer 11:19.

f. (Stall fed,) of sumptuous living. Pr 15:17.

29. Bull or bullock illustrative

a. Of fierce enemies. Ps 22:12; 68:30.

b. (Firstling of,) of the glory of Joseph. De 33:17.

c. (In a net,) of the impatient under judgment. Isa 51:20.

d. (Fatted,) of greedy mercenaries. Jer 46:21.

e. (Unaccustomed to the yoke,) of intractable sinners. Jer 31:18.

30. Kine illustrative

a. Of proud and wealthy rules. Am 4:1.

b. (well favoured,) of years of plenty. Ge 41:2,26,29.

c. (Lean,) of years of scarcity. Ge 41:3; 27:30.

31. Heifer illustrative

a. Of a beloved wife. Jdj 14:18.

b. (Sliding back,) of backsliding Israel. Ho 4:16.

c. (Taught, &c) of Israel’s fondness for ease in preference to obedience. Ho 10:11.

d. (Of three years old,) of Moab in affliction. Isa 15:5; Jer 48:34.

e. (Fair,) of the beauty and wealth of Egypt. Jer 46:20.

f. (At grass,) of the luxurious Chaldees. Jer 50:11.