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Table of Contents

Offences Against the Holy Spirit

1. Exhortations against. Eph 4:30; 1Th 5:19.

2. Exhibited in

a. Tempting him. Ac 5:9.

b. Vexing him. Isa 63:10.

c. Grieving him. Eph 4:30.

d. Quenching him. 1Th 5:19.

e. Lying to him. Ac 5:3,4.

f. Resisting him. Ac 7:51.

g. Undervaluing His gifts. Ac 8:19,20.

h. Danger of trifling with the Holy Spirit. Heb 6:4-6.

i. Doing despite to him. Heb 10:29.

j. Disregarding His testimony. Ne 9:30.

3. Blasphemy against him, unpardonable. Mt 12:31,32; 1Jo 5:16.