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1. Persons separated to the service of God. Nu 6:2.

2. Different kinds of

a. From the womb. Jdj 13:5; Lu 1:15.

b. By a particular vow. Nu 6:2.

3. Required to be holy. Nu 6:8.

4. Esteemed pure. La 4:7.

5. Prohibited from

a. Wine or strong drink. Nu 6:3; Lu 1:15.

b. Grapes or anything made from the vine. Nu 6:3,4; Jdj 13:14.

c. Cutting or shaving the head. Nu 6:5; Jdj 13:5; 16:17.

d. Defiling themselves by the dead. Nu 6:6,7.

6. Raised up for good of the nation. Am 2:11.

7. Ungodly Jews tried to corrupt. Am 2:12.

8. Defiled during vow

a. To shave the head the seventh day. Nu 6:9.

b. To bring two turtle doves for a burnt offering. Nu 6:10,11.

c. To recompense their vow with a trespass offering. Nu 6:12.

9. On completion of vow

a. To be brought to tabernacle door. Nu 6:13.

b. To offer sacrifices. Nu 6:14-17.

c. To shave their heads. Nu 6:18; Ac 18:18; 21:24.

d. To have the left shoulder of the ram of the peace offering waved upon their hands by the priest. Nu 6:19,20; Le 7:32.

10. Illustrative of

a. Christ. Heb 7:26.

b. Saints. 2Co 6:17; Jas 1:27.