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Miracles Wrought Through Servants of God

1. Moses and Aaron

a. Rod turned into a serpent. Ex 4:3; 7:10.

b. Rod restored. Ex 4:4.

c. Hand made leprous. Ex 4:6.

d. Hand healed. Ex 4:7.

e. Water turned into blood. Ex 4:9,30.

f. River turned into blood. Ex 7:20.

g. Frogs brought. Ex 8:6.

h. Frogs removed. Ex 8:13.

i. Lice brought. Ex 8:17.

j. Flies brought. Ex 8:21-24.

k. Flies removed. Ex 8:31.

l. Murrain of beasts. Ex 9:3-6.

m. Boils and blains brought. Ex 9:10,11.

n. Hail brought. Ex 9:23.

o. Hail removed. Ex 9:33.

p. Locusts brought. Ex 10:13.

q. Locust removed. Ex 10:19.

r. Darkness brought. Ex 10:22.

s. The first-born destroyed. Ex 12:29.

t. The red-sea divided. Ex 14:21,22.

u. Egyptians overwhelmed. Ex 14:26-28.

v. Water sweetened. Ex 15:25.

w. Water from rock in Horeb. Ex 17:6.

x. Amalek vanquished. Ex 17:11-13.

y. Destruction of Korah. Nu 16:28-32.

z. Water from rock in Kadesh. Nu 20:11.

A. Healing by brazen serpent. Nu 21:8,9.

2. Joshua

a. Waters of Jordan divided. Jos 3:10-17.

b. Jordan restored to its course. Jos 4:18.

c. Jericho taken. Jos 6:6-20.

d. The sun and moon stayed. Jos 10:12-14.

3. Gideon

a. Midianites destroyed. Jdj 7:16-22.

4. Samson

a. A lion killed. Jdj 14:6.

b. Philistines killed. Jdj 14:19; 15:15.

c. The gates of Gaza carried away. Jdj 16:3.

d. Dagon’s house pulled down. Jdj 16:30.

5. Samuel

a. Thunder and rain in harvest. 1Sa 12:18.

6. The prophet of Judah

a. Jeroboam’s hand withered. 1Ki 13:4.

b. The altar rent. 1Ki 13:5.

c. The withered hand restored. 1Ki 13:6.

7. Elijah

a. Drought caused. 1Ki 17:1; Jas 5:17.

b. Meal and oil multiplied. 1Ki 17:14-16.

c. A child restored to life. 1Ki 17:22,23.

d. Sacrifice consumed by fire. 1Ki 18:36,38.

e. Men destroyed by fire. 2Ki 1:10-12.

f. Rain brought. 1Ki 18:41-45; Jas 5:18.

g. Waters of Jordan divided. 2Ki 2:8.

h. Taken to heaven. 2Ki 2:11.

8. Elisha

a. Waters of Jordan divided. 2Ki 2:14.

b. Waters healed. 2Ki 2:21,22.

c. Children torn by bears. 2Ki 2:24.

d. Oil multiplied. 2Ki 4:1-7.

e. Child restored to life. 2Ki 4:32-35.

f. Naaman healed. 2Ki 5:10,14.

g. Gehazi struck with leprosy. 2Ki 5:27.

h. Iron caused to swim. 2Ki 6:6.

i. Syrians smitten with blindness. 2Ki 6:20.

j. Syrians restored to sight. 2Ki 6:20.

k. A man restored to life. 2Ki 13:21.

9. Isaiah

a. Hezekiah healed. 2Ki 20:7.

b. Shadow put back on the dial. 2Ki 20:11.

10. The seventy disciples

a. Various miracles. Lu 10:9,17.

11. The apostles

a. Many miracles. Ac 2:43; 5:12.

12. Peter

a. Lame man cured. Ac 3:7.

b. Death of Ananias. Ac 5:5.

c. Death of Sapphira. Ac 5:10.

d. The sick healed. Ac 5:15,16.

e. AEneas made whole. Ac 9:34.

f. Dorcas restored to life. Ac 9:40.

13. Stephen

a. Great miracles. Ac 6:8.

14. Philip

a. Various miracles. Ac 8:6,7,13.

15. Paul

a. Elymas smitten with blindness. Ac 13:11.

b. Lame man cured. Ac 14:10.

c. An unclean spirit cast out. Ac 16:18.

d. Special miracles. Ac 19:11,12.

e. Eutychus restored to life. Ac 20:10-12.

f. Viper’s bite made harmless. Ac 28:5.

g. Father of Publius healed. Ac 28:8.

16. Paul and Barnabas

a. Various miracles. Ac 14:3.