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Meat Offerings

1. Were most holy. Le 6:17.

2. Consisted of

a. Fine flour. Le 2:1.

b. Unleavened cakes baked in the oven. Le 2:4.

c. Fine flour baked in a pan. Le 2:5.

d. Fine flour baked in a frying pan. Le 2:7.

e. Green ears of corn parched. Le 2:5.

f. Barley meal. Nu 5:15.

3. Oil and incense used with. Le 2:1,4,15.

4. Of jealousy, without oil or incense. Nu 5:15.

5. Always seasoned with salt. Le 2:13.

6. No leaven used with. Le 2:11; 6:17.

7. Not to be offered on altar of incense. Ex 30:9.

8. Offered

a. On the altar of burnt offering. Ex 40:29.

b. With the daily sacrifices. Ex 29:40-42.

c. With all burnt offerings. Nu 15:3-12.

d. By the poor for a trespass offering. Le 5:11.

e. By the high priest every day, half in the morning and half in the evening. Le 6:20-22.

9. A small part of, was consumed on the altar for a memorial. Le 2:2,9,16; 6:15.

10. When offered for a priest entirely consumed by fire. Le 6:23.

11. High priest’s deputy had care of. Nu 4:16.

12. Laid up in a chamber of the temple. Ne 10:39; 13:5; Eze 42:13.

13. The priest’s portion. Le 2:3; 6:17.

14. To be eaten by the males of the house of Aaron alone. Le 6:18.

15. To be eaten in the holy place. Le 6:16.

16. The Jews

a. Often not accepted in. Am 5:22.

b. Condemned for offering, to idols. Isa 57:6.

c. Often prevented from offering, by judgments. Joe 1:9,13.

17. Materials for public, often provided by the princes. Nu 7:13,19,25; Eze 45:16.