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Locust, The

1. A small insect. Pr 30:24,27.

2. Clean and fit for food. Le 11:21,22.

3. Described as

a. Wise. Pr 30:24,27.

b. Voracious. Ex 10:15.

c. Rapid in movement. Isa 33:4.

d. Like to horses prepared for battle. Joe 2:4; Re 9:7.

4. Carried every way by the wind. Ex 10:13,19.

5. Immensely numerous. Ps 105:34; Na 3:15.

6. Flies in bands and with order. Pr 30:27.

7. One of the plagues of Egypt. Ex 10:4-15.

8. The Jews

a. Used as food. Mt 3:4.

b. Threatened with, as a punishment for sin. De 28:38,42.

c. Deprecated the plague of. 1Ki 8:37,38.

d. Often plagued by. Joe 1:4; 2:25.

e. Promised deliverance from the plague of, on humiliation, &c. 2Ch 7:13,14.

9. Illustrative

a. Of destructive enemies. Joe 1:6,7; 2:2-9.

b. Of false teachers of the apostasy. Re 9:3.

c. Of ungodly rulers. Na 3:17.

d. (Destruction of,) of destruction of God’s enemies. Na 3:15.