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Table of Contents


1. Commanded. Ex 23:13; Pr 4:25-27.

2. Necessary

a. In the care of the soul. De 4:9.

b. In the house and worship of God. Ec 5:1.

c. In what we hear. Mr 4:24.

d. In how we hear. Lu 8:18.

e. In keeping God’s commandments. Jos 22:5.

f. In conduct. Eph 5:15.

g. In speech. Pr 13:3; Jas 1:19.

h. In worldly company. Ps 39:1; Col 4:5.

i. In giving judgment. 1Ch 19:6,7.

j. Against sin. Heb 12:15,16.

k. Against unbelief. Heb 3:12.

l. Against idolatry. De 4:15,16.

m. Against false Christs, and false prophets. Mt 24:4,5,23,24.

n. Against false teachers. Phm 3:2; Col 2:8; 2Pe 3:16,17.

o. Against presumption. 1Co 10:12.

p. Promises to. 1Ki 2:4; 1Ch 22:13.