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1. To brought to God’s house. De 12:6.

2. Consisted of

a. First fruits of bread. Nu 15:19-21.

b. Right shoulder of peace offerings. Le 7:32.

c. Part of the meat offering of all peace offerings. Le 7:14.

d. Shoulder of the priest’s consecration-ram. Ex 29:27.

e. Tenth of all tithes. Nu 18:26.

f. Part of all gifts. Nu 18:29.

g. Part of spoil taken in war. Nu 31:26-47.

3. To be the best of their kind. Nu 18:29.

4. To be heaved up by the priest. Ex 29:27.

5. Sanctified the whole offering. Nu 18:27,30.

6. Given to the priests. Ex 29:28; Le 7:34.

7. To be eaten in a clean place. Le 10:12-15.