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Hart, The

1. Clean and used as food. De 12:15; 14:5.

2. Often hunted. La 1:6.

3. Female of

a. Called the hind. Song 2:7.

b. Delights in freedom. Ge 49:21.

c. Kind and affectionate. Pr 5:19.

d. Brings forth at appointed time. Job 39:1,2.

e. Brings forth with difficulty. Job 39:3.

f. Brings forth at the voice of God. Ps 29:9.

g. Forsakes her young in famine. Jer 14:5.

4. Young of, abundantly provided for. Job 39:4.

5. Illustrative

a. Of Christ. Song 2:9,17; 8:14.

b. Of converted sinners. Isa 35:6.

c. (Sure-footedness of,) of experienced saints. Ps 18:33; Hab 3:19.

d. (Panting for water,) of afflicted saints longing for God. Ps 42:1,2.

e. (Without pasture,) of the persecuted. La 1:6.