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1. Often made by the banks of rivers. Nu 24:6.

2. Kinds of, mentioned in scripture

a. Herbs. De 11:10; 1Ki 21:2.

b. Cucumbers. Isa 1:8.

c. Fruit trees. Ec 2:5,6.

d. Spices, &c. Song 4:16; 6:2.

3. Often enclosed. Song 4:12.

4. Often refreshed by fountains. Song 4:15.

5. Taken care of by gardeners. Joh 20:15.

6. Lodges erected in. Isa 1:8.

7. Often used for

a. Entertainments. Song 5:1.

b. Retirement. Joh 18:1.

c. Burial places. 2Ki 21:18,26; Joh 19:41.

d. Idolatrous worship. Isa 1:29; 65:3.

8. Blasting of, a punishment. Am 4:9.

9. Jews ordered to plant, in Babylon. Jer 29:5,28.

10. Of eden

a. Planted by the Lord. Ge 2:8.

b. Called the garden of the Lord. Ge 13:10.

c. Called the garden of God. Eze 28:13.

d. Had every tree good for food. Ge 2:9.

e. Watered by a river. Ge 2:10-14.

f. Man placed in, to dress and keep. Ge 2:8,15.

g. Man driven from, after the fall. Ge 3:23,24.

h. Fertility of Canaan like. Ge 13:10; Joe 2:3.

i. The future state of the Jews shall be like. Isa 51:3; Eze 36:35.

11. Illustrative

a. Of the church. Song 5:1; 6:2,11.

b. (Enclosed,) of the pleasantness, fruitfulness, and security of the church. Song 4:12.

c. (Well watered,) of spiritual prosperity of the church. Isa 58:11; Jer 31:12.

d. (When dried up,) of the wicked. Isa 1:30.