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Table of Contents

First Born, The

1. Of man and beast dedicated to God. Ex 13:2,12; 22:29.

2. Dedicated to commemorate the sparing of the first born of Israel. Ex 13:15; Nu 3:13; 8:17.

3. Of clean beasts

a. Not to labour. De 15:19.

b. Not shorn. De 15:19.

c. Not taken from the dam for seven days. Ex 22:30; Le 22:27.

d. Offered in sacrifice. Nu 18:17.

e. Could not be a free-will offering. Le 27:26.

f. Antiquity of offering. Ge 4:4.

g. Flesh of, the priest’s portion. Nu 18:18.

4. Of clean beasts

a. To be redeemed. Nu 18:15.

b. Law of redemption for. Nu 18:16.

5. Of the ass to be redeemed with lamb or its neck broken. Ex 13:13; 34:20.

6. Of Israel

a. Tribe of Levi taken for. Nu 3:12,40-43; 8:18.

b. To be redeemed. Ex 34:20; Nu 18:15.

c. Price of redemption for. Nu 3:46,47.

d. Price of, given to the priests. Nu 3:48-51.

7. Laws respecting, restored after the captivity. Ne 10:36.

8. Laws respecting, observed at Christ’s birth. Lu 2:22,23.

9. The beginning of strength and excellency of power. Ge 49:3; De 21:17.

10. Precious and valuable. Mic 6:7; Zec 12:10.

11. Objects of special love. Ge 25:28; Jer 31:9,20.

12. Privileges of

a. Precedence in the family. Ge 48:13,14.

b. Authority over the younger children. Ge 27:29; 1Sa 20:29.

c. Special blessing by the father. Ge 27:4,35.

d. The father’s title and power. 2Ch 21:3.

e. A double portion of inheritance. De 21:17.

f. In case of death the next brother to raise up seed to. De 25:5,6; Mt 22:24-28.

g. Not to be alienated by parents through caprice. De 21:15,16.

h. Could be forfeited by misconduct. Ge 49:3,4,8; 1Ch 5:1.

i. Could be sold. Ge 25:31,33; Heb 12:16,17.

13. Instances of superseded

a. Cain. Ge 4:4,5.

b. Japheth. Ge 10:21.

c. Ishmael. Ge 17:19-21.

d. Esau. Ge 25:23; Ro 9:12,13.

e. Manasseh. Ge 48:15-20.

f. Reuben, &c. 1Ch 5:1,2.

g. Aaron. Ex 7:1,2; Nu 12:2,8.

h. David’s brothers. 1Sa 16:6-12.

i. Adonijah. 1Ki 2:15,22.

14. Illustrative of

a. The dignity, &c of Christ. Ps 89:27; Ro 8:29; Col 1:18.

b. The dignity, &c of the church. Heb 12:23.