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Feast of Sabbatical Year, The

1. A sabbath for the land. Le 25:2.

2. Kept every seventh year. Ex 23:11; Le 25:4.

3. Surplus of sixth year to provide for. Le 25:20-22.

4. Enactments respecting

a. Cessation of all field labour. Le 25:4,5.

b. The fruits of the earth to be common property. Ex 23:11; Le 25:6,7.

c. Remission of debts. De 15:1-3; Ne 10:31.

d. Release of all Hebrew servants. Ex 21:2; De 15:12.

e. Public reading of the law at feast of tabernacles. De 31:10-13.

f. No release to strangers during. De 15:3.

5. Release of, not to hinder the exercise of benevolence. De 15:9-11.

6. Jews threatened for neglecting. Le 26:34,35,43; Jer 34:13-18.

7. The seventy years captivity a punishment for neglecting. 2Ch 36:20,21.

8. Restored after the captivity. Ne 10:31.