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Feast of Jubilee, The

1. Held every fiftieth year. Le 25:8,10.

2. Began upon the day of atonement. Le 25:9.

3. Called the

a. Year of liberty. Eze 46:17.

b. Year of the redeemed. Isa 63:4.

c. Acceptable year. Isa 61:2.

4. Was specially holy. Le 25:12.

5. Proclaimed by trumpets. Le 25:9; Ps 89:15.

6. Enactments respecting

a. Cessation of all field labour. Le 25:11.

b. The fruits of the earth to be common property. Le 25:12.

c. Redemption of sold property. Le 25:23-27.

d. Restoration of all inheritances. Le 25:10,13,28; 27:24.

e. Release of Hebrew servants. Le 25:40,41,54.

7. Houses in walled cities not redeemed within a year, exempted from the benefit of. Le 25:30.

8. Sale of property calculated from. Le 25:15,16.

9. Value of devoted property calculated from. Le 27:14-23.

10. Illustrative of the Gospel. Isa 61:1,2; Lu 4:18,19.