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Ephod, The

1. The emblem of the priestly office. Ho 3:4.

2. Worn by

a. The high priest. 1Sa 2:28; 14:3.

b. Ordinary priests. 1Sa 22:18.

c. Persons engaged in the service of God. 1Sa 2:18; 2Sa 6:14.

d. Generally of linen. 1Sa 2:18; 2Sa 6:14.

3. For the high priest

a. Commanded to be made. Ex 28:4.

b. Made of offerings of the people. Ex 25:4,7.

c. Made of gold, blue, purple, scarlet, &c. Ex 28:6; 29:2,3.

d. Shoulders of, joined by onyx stones engraved with names of the twelve tribes of Israel. Ex 28:7,9-12; 39:4,6,7.

e. Had a girdle of curious work. Ex 28:8.

f. Breastplate of judgment inseparably united to. Ex 28:25-28; 39:20,21.

g. Worn over the robe. Ex 28:31; Le 8:7.

h. Fastened on with its own girdle. Le 8:7.

i. Worn or held by him when consulted. 1Sa 23:6,9-12; 30:7,8.

j. Used by idolatrous priests. Jdj 8:27; 17:5; 18:14.

k. Israel deprived of, for sin. Ho 3:4.